"New beginnings with Jesus"

For February 26, 2015 “Lent, Getting Back on the Wagon”

A good friend once told me that I can resist anything—but temptation.  Ouch.

Long ago, I got the idea that the 40 days of Lent is about giving up chocolate.  Or soft drinks.  Or bacon.  You know, resisting temptation like Jesus did.

Well, that Greek word for “tempt, test” is more about succeeding or failing a test than sneaking a treat, or not quitting when we’re on trial instead of a turning off the TV.

Somehow, a little failure of temptation like blowing a diet for a milkshake seems to be enough reason to dump the whole diet, doesn’t it?  I caved in, so I will give up.  Glad that’s over!

Maybe that’s just what The Tempter wants.  Try it!  Fail once.  Move on.  And don’t try that again.   G.K. Chesterton famously noted that, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.”

But when we are tested, we know we’re not going to get 100%.  But we keep going.  We work out the problems, run the rest of the race, show up to work the next day.  With practice, the help of friends, and the Holy Spirit lifting us up, somehow, at our weakest, we will be able.  Able to climb back on the wagon.  Able to keep moving.  Able to be real, and be shaped in the image of Christ.

We’re assembling a Men’s Group here at Fain Church.  How can we help each other walk with Jesus the way 12-Step folks help each other with their sobriety?  Can we share a challenge, a blessing, and a sensitive request with friends who are committed to hoist each other back into the wagon?

Check with me to be part of the group.  We’re going to find out.



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