"New beginnings with Jesus"

For February 20, 2015 “Lent, Getting Ready for the Weekend” – Pastor Dave Crawford

Weekends are great.  I thank God for weekends, because without the Sabbath, there’s no weekend!  Rest and personal time are God’s gifts to us.  My busy weekdays are over, and I can focus on whatever I want to.  Or not.  I can enjoy reading, movies and walks without planning, just floating along from one happy activity to another, “as the Spirit moves me.”

As a college student, worked different than now, as I seem to have a different workday every day. Back then I got to the SDSU Library by 7:30.  I had a quiet time with God in a study carrel before my 9:30 class.  I read, prayed and kept a journal, Monday through Friday.  I felt close to God, and the Holy Spirit seemed to guide my life and answer my prayers.  I had a structure, and I had time for God.

Lent requires intentional planning and structure, like I used to have because I wanted a good parking space.  On weekdays, I can impose some structure on my time in the Study, or at breakfast or lunch.  On weekends, I need to set aside time and a quiet place to read, pray and listen for God.  If I put off making it happen, suddenly I’m eating dinner and my day is all used up.

My Lenten challenge this weekend:  Will I delay checking Facebook, reading the comics, and searching the net for news about the Padres while I’m still in my pajamas?  Will I get up at my regular weekday time so I can schedule God in before my unplanned day gets planned for me?  Or will “Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me” on KCCU keep me away from God?  What are your challenges?


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